An ion is an electrically charged particle.We are surrounded by both negative (anion) and positive (cation)ions.Negative ions are naturally produced in nature near waterfalls, in forests and during early morning dew. Negative ions are the reasons for our feeling refreshed in such natural atmospheres.Positive ions are what compromises pollutants, poisonous gasses, electromagnetic waves and smoke. To eliminate these destructive ions, thus eliminating the health harming factors, negative ions must be emitted to counter and purify the positive ions toxic effects.Chrio’s technology has allowed us to manufacture an Anion Generator unlike any in its field. Emitting pure negative ion without discharging ozone or nitrogen dioxide, Chrio’s Anion Generator is a one of a kind, must have for every home, office, nursery or school.
Chrio Anion Generators
•Generate massive anion clusters(approximately2.5–3million percm³)
• Can be connected to various applications
• Purifies air to remove cigarette smoke,unpleasant odors and harmful gasses
• Neutralizes electromagnetic waves           • Ease allergic rhinitis and asthma
• Strengthens physical functions and vitality
• Purifies blood and accelerates metabolism
• Promotes growth of all living things
• Increases natural healing ability and immunity
• Aides with deep sleep and relaxation          • Aides in healing skin disorders
• Improves concentration and learning ability
• Reduces free radicals,suppressing Potential Redox,thus preventing the aging symptoms
Chrio Anion Generators can be purchased through us
Can be connected to various household appliances,including air conditioners,hairdriers,vents,etc.
Negative & Positive Ion (Anion & Cation)
An ion is an electrically charged particle. It becomes either negative or positive as a result of losing or gaining an electron. When an atom loses an electron it becomes a positive ion, also known as cation, and when an atom gains an electron it becomes a negative ion, also known as anion.
Negative Ion
  • Eliminates contaminants found deep within the skin cells.
  • Increases the natural healing ability & immunity.
  • Reduces Potential Redox, suppresses free radicals and prevents aging syndromes.
  • Effects similar to antibacterial agents & disinfectants.
  • Purifies the blood.
  • Improves concentration and learning ability.
  • Provides deep sleep and relaxation.