5. Arrangement and principle of working……

5. Arrangement and principle of working.
   Program providing for complex “Medbiotech” management presents itself the package of program means, providing conducting of patient’s check up, examination of received results of check up and their recording in the automated card index on hard drive of computer. Execution of the main operating program is made after switching on Personal Computer’s power supply and “Windows XP” and icon “Medbiotech” starting.

Execution of program begins from checking the unity of the program means package and the presence of all files, which automated card index, organized by principle of database, consists of. Lack of files of program means package or mistakes of turning forward files of automated card index are accompanied by informational messages on the screen and cessation of program execution.

If there is such situation while restarting, it means that you need to restore program means package and files of automated card index. To avoid the loss of information from automated card index, one should save periodically renewed copies on CD-RW of files from directory “Base”.
At mistakes of the access to the database files use them for their restoration.

If a checking of presence of all files necessary for working completes successfully, the program is starting and one should input the access code to begin working with program. With the aim of secrecy, putting code is reflected in the form of stars. (***). After the code input, one should press “Enter” or “OK” for program access. The code is right; you get the access and have an opportunity to make a registration of a patient on the base of patient’s information putting by a doctor.


Stage of patient’s registration begins from pressing on mark or choosing in menu “Patient”- “Patient’s registration”. Information, putting with the help of keyboard, reflects on special fields:

Surname......Name......Year of birth......Sex

  Do not make space while filling out, because recording will be impossible. Placing black dot makes input of patient’s sex:

Date of check up is set automatically. To switch the keyboard on Russian alphabet and reverse, one should press “ALT+CTRL” or “ALT+SHIFT” combination. To replace the cursor on the information field, use “TAB” key or mouse cursor. “Enter” key completes the information input in dialogue window. To edit information on fields, one should use mark keys, and also “DEL” “BACKSPACE” keys to delete the symbol.

   The same with patient’s information input on information fields of further assignment: if patient was checked up, he can be found in database and called by double click of mouse.

ATTENTION! One shouldn’t register one and the same patient two times, otherwise message about mistake will be shown.


The card must include such information as:
Patient’s occupation
Medical information

Information about diseases and harmful ecological influences at work and at home

When patient comes second time, the contents of the card are restored and renewed information is putting down. To edit patient’s card one should use such keys as:
“DEL” – to delete the symbol under cursor
“Backspace” - – to delete the symbol before cursor
“TAB” – to replace the spire into dialogue window.

  In dialogue window there is a table with complaints numbers from the main list. When replacing the cursor on squares with complaints numbers, the top of complaint name is lightened.

To fix complaint – one should press the left key of the mouse; double click of this key will cancel complaint fixation. Fixed complaints are colored in red. Marked in such way complaint is inputted in patient’s card with red color.

To exclude from patient’s card earlier chosen object, one should, in the same way, replace mouse cursor on marked square and press the left key of the mouse, then red color will change into gray; it means that chosen complaint was canceled.

Having marked all object’s numbers necessary to write down in patient’s card, one should press “Enter” or with the help of mouse cursor   “Further” key to replace in the next window.

With the help of mouse cursor, one chooses the group of diseases and by double click of mouse cursor on chosen object – the disease will be added to patient’s card. If there is a mistake, the disease will be marked in the “carried over disease” window and can be deleted by “DEL” key.

Harmful ecological influences.

With the help of mouse one can choose the group of harmful ecological influences and by double click of mouse cursor at chosen object – the disease will be added to patient’s card. If there is a mistake, the object is marked in the window “patient was exposed to influence” and can be deleted with the help of “DEL” key. The last stage of card formation is pressing “Enter” key, after which all inputted information about patient will be record in automated card index and one can come out in program menu.

Main menu is designed for doctor to choose one of possible stages of patient reception:

Medical testing
Using mouse cursor, doctor can choose any menu and begin working.
P.S. the work is possible only if patient is registered.


Check the presence of connection with integrator EAD.  If there is no connection, it is fixed with constant sound signal and the level of measuring on the screen is 100 units.

In this case we recommend checking whether device is switched on, whether it is joined with COM port and whether it is correctly pointed in command input line COM1 or COM2 (see the installation guidance). Procedure of patient’s check up is functionally divided into further subtasks: 

Patient’s check up begins from the “SPED- meridian check up” regime, where it is suggested to take the initial measures of the most important dots of given meridian. While writing down taken measures, the next dot to inspect is suggested automatically. Having found a mistake while inputting, one can delete the final value by pressing mouse cursor key, in so doing, current line will be switched automatically, that reflects on topographical card, and in “Dots” window.

Having examined SPED-meridian it is suggested automatically to check up control measuring points   (CMP) on each meridian. Suggested for checking up dots, are also served automatically at input of taken measures. Mistakes during inputting can be corrected by copying value in dot. For this, one should choose with the help of mouse cursor necessary dot, and the process of recording is repeating.

Shift to the extremities to correct any measures is made only during taking measures from all dots of (CMP) meridians and appearance of inscription “All measures are taken” one must press “OK” and choose necessary extremity from falling menu and make necessary repeat results measuring. Indicators are reflected by colored scale:

5-20 units – lilac
20-40 units - dark blue
40-50 units - blue
50-63 units - green
70-85 units -orange
85-92 units - bright red
92-95 units - dark red

The process of searching and taken measures BAP is maximally eased at expense of setting sound signalization, the tone frequency is proportional to accounts.

Regime completes with the output of patient’s energetic condition diagram with nommograms and numerical values of initial figures of examined dots.

Computer counts norm corridor – for each patient individually and reflects it’s with numerical values and visual green line. On the left and on the right of norm corridor are corridors of different meridians damages.


50-60 scale points – physiological standard. Slow moving of column to stop position on its maximum point means that corresponding organ is “tired” and uses its last reserves. This Phenomenon proceeds to functional disorder.

Column reaches the point from 60 to 100 and stops – dot and corresponding organ are in excited condition or there is an inflammatory process.

A)  60-70 units – condition of functional physiological excitement (often considered as transitory condition).

b) 70-80 units - organ’s condition, system’s or tissue’s hyper function. Such figures are typical for stress situation.

c). 80-90 units – organ, tissue or system are in condition of over irritation, partial inflammation, may be, this is some harmful factors irritating influence on organ.

d). 90-100 units – organ’s inflammation. High figures could be registered after R5 or gamma irradiation, and also after ultraviolet influence on skin.
Column doesn’t reach 50. It testifies that there are reasons, which do not let energy to circulate normally or just to appear.

A). 50-40 units - correspond to hypo function or braking. Such figures could be after taking psychotropic medicines. Figures below 40 – area of degenerative changes.

B). 40-50 units (1-st degree of degeneration) –could testify about some degenerative changes in corresponding organs or tissues.

c). 30-20 units - (2-nd degree of degeneration) is typical for more significant degenerative processes or benign tumors.

d). 20-10 units - (3-d degree of degeneration) correspond to acute form of degenerative processes.

e). 10-0 units  -  (4-th   degree of degeneration) – correspond to hard degree of degeneration   process with loss of the function.

Such figures are registered at hardly differentiated tumors. Computer reflects by hatching three meridians, which have the lowest figures and tree meridians, which have the highest figures. Further researches should be started from these meridians. Choosing necessary date from falling menu can look through the results of previous visits.

Local diagnostic.

Local diagnostic consists of great area of possibilities in comparison with the others. Working in this regime the choice of meridian, researching dot and influence on this dot is chosen by a doctor. Meridian selection is made from falling menu “Meridian” the same way you choose necessary extremity.

Measurement is made as on CMP, result is fixed by pressing bottom on active dipstick. Having taken necessary measures one should press “Further” key and value the results.

Amplitude-frequency resonance researches.

The system of Amplitude-frequency resonance “AFR”.
A new system, which is able on the base of meridian territory independently find out and correct the human organ’s and tissue’s defects and pathologies, was created by Dnepropetrovsk scientists. In scientific-research center “Diamed” “Techinproekt” was created diagnostic equipment, which gives the possibility to trace all stages of transition from health to disease with help of changes of wavy characteristics of body tissue and even separate cells and chromosomes. 

Systems of Amplitude-frequency resonance – are the newest medical technologies, which can be referred to the most unique and perspective medical achievements, unique diagnostic equipment, based on spectral analyses of whirl magnetic fields of alive organisms.  AFR gives an opportunity to receive the most complete information about health and the earliest appearance of diseases, that is impossible while using any others methods of check up (computer tomography, X-rays etc.) which find out only already formed process. Lots of researches made in research centers confirms tight connection between electromagnetic fields and biological systems, in so doing these fields are used in biological systems as the way of outside- and inner cells interaction. Whir magnetic field plays an important role in informational transferring and interaction with biological systems. So, how do biological systems identify necessary information from phono “noise” and how do outside-  and inner sell communications occur? Researches of energetic fields around alive plants and animals, made on biological faculty of Dnepropetrovsk National University led to conclusion, that there is a weak low frequency magnetic field around biological systems.

Trying to understand the world of energetic fields, we come closer to understanding of “biofield” phenomenon, about which people knew long time ago, and about what Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine testify.

Scientific discoveries, represented the basis of this method, enlarged an old wisdom of eastern medicine, based on energetic notions of acupuncture technically. Experiments with rabbits showed that animals as human beings have the thinnest system of tubular structures (about 0,5-1,5 micron in diameter)

   American scientist B. Kim managed to make a discovery, according to which he found out, that the ends of acupunctural meridian reach cell nucleus of muscular tissue.
Equipment, designed by “Techinproekt” let define the conditions of stable existence of any material system (of object) out of dependence on structural organization (mechanical, physic-chemical, biological, sociological) and human body also.

In correspondence with Quantum logic theory, the information exchange between systems is realized distantly, associationaly and selectively at expense of quants of electromagnetic radiation, which has energy, adequate to the energy of connection elementary structure system destruction. 
   The principals of Quantum Logic theory let claim, that in biological systems during information exchange, appear unstable conditions, when the possibility of system destruction is rapidly increasing. Designed equipment-program complex let strengthen weak statistical fluctuation signals and take and decode information, which they contains.
   Technology of AFR definitely “takes bearing on” these radiations by the place of their origin, to decode them and fix on computer screen, where the virtual model of organ, in definite colors, is creating. Computer’s tomographs and ultrasonic scanners show to the doctors the volumetric picture of inner organs in any foreshortening.
   Conditional color, putted on the picture, let a doctor define, depending on zone color, the degree of organs projection violation.

Comparing tinges of colors gamma and their positions on organ’s computer model, and also the dynamic of their changes in time, one could talk about the way the biological structures are destructing and give prognoses of body’s state of health. The main idea at the process of this equipment developing was the hypothesis   

about that the human body has electromagnetic informational frame, which is able to react on outside electromagnetic radiation influence.
   We managed to gather different trends of natural medicine and in such a way realize high-quality jump. We examined homeopathy, Chinese acupuncture with its further developing by Foll, Shimmel, Indian Ayurveda chakr theory, spin theory, phytotherapy and others.

Researches conducting technique.

Research is conducted by taking results from acupuncture dots of corresponding organs or systems; one uses either CMP dots or the first dots of meridians.
Usually SPED, LY, TR, ALLERG meridians are used or meridians of corresponding organs

1. Cerebrum researches: ND meridian
2. Breathing systems of P, AL meridians
3. Endocrine system of C meridian
4. Cardiovascular C
5. Digestive GI, IG, E
6. Urine sexual TR, V
7. Visual indicators LY
8. Hearing organs LY
9. Moving system SPED, ND, JD

The process of taking results is made on 5 measurements without probe tearing off, on little organs tearing of f over 2-3 measurements.
We recommend switching on automatic results fixation: press the left key of the mouse on colored scale in appeared window and make a mark by pressing left key of the mouse on “auto key” menu.

Having completed automatic results fixation one can in the same way abolish this fixation if it is necessary. While program loading automatic results fixation is not switched on.
   To print the results, one should set the mark on systems, which have to be printed. One can print no more then four systems. To print the results of check up of other systems one needs to take off marks from those, which were printed and set on those, which are to be printed now.

   Taken figures are reflected as colored scale:
Each organ and each sell has its own specific vibrations, recorded into computer’s memory, and can be reflected on screen in the form of schedule, which shows the conditions of information exchange between an organ and environment. Any pathological process also has its own individual graph.

Computer memory contains a lot of pathological processes in consideration of age, sexual and other variations.

Taking frequent measures from organ’s characteristics, diagnostic equipment can compare them by spectral similarity with standard processes (healthy, pathologically changed tissues, infectious agents) and find out the nearest pathological process or tendency of its appearance.

There is a possibility to make diagnostic on human body chakrs with its further visualization of their condition.

Homeopathic preparation.
   From falling menu and dot one chooses meridian, takes measurements then chooses homeopathic preparation from the list und presses “To test preparation” key. Then you should put an ampule or medicines in box of medical testing and new measurement on interested dots is making. The list of preparations’ specters for given meridian is suggested in “recommended preparation” menu.

One can choose from it. If there is a necessity to choose from the whole list of preparations’ specters, one should click in “in box” window and submenu will appear.

    Having chosen homeopathic preparations or HEEL preparations we choose from the list necessary spectrum of the preparation and press “OK”; chosen spectrums will connect for testing.

If chosen preparations restore the condition of pathological meridians to the maximum near to norm (50- 63 units), they suit to the patient and are recommended for taking.

ATTENTION: before preparation testing one should take measurements from all tested dots in local diagnostic regime.

Results of testing are received after taking all measurements by pressing the mouse cursor on “Further” key.

It is necessary for checking homeopathically made allergens to cure allergy with homeopathic principles.

Technique of conducting, the same, as with homeopathic medicines. One chooses dissolvations of allergens, which make meridian’s condition better. Homeopathic allergens can be combined with preparations of classical homeopathy or Heel preparations.


Collection of Heel nosods for checking on disease presence and treatment with the help of nosods. Technology of conducting is the same as with homeopathic medicine.
What is nosods?

Nosods are preparations, made of pathologically changed animal’s and human’s organs or parts of organs of dead microorganisms, of organic liquids, which contain exciting substances and disease products, which after corresponding treatment became nontoxic. So, in correspondence to the Low about medical preparations (from 24.08.1976 year), nosods are: 1). Chemical elements; 2). Plants and parts of plants; 3).

Animals, alive also, and refined parts of bodies, components and products of human and animal metabolism; 4). Microorganisms: viruses, their components and metabolism products. Nosodes producing is regulated by two orders: HAB-1 Vorschrift 43 for preparations (tinctures) of pathologically changed organs or parts of organs of human and animal, and Vorschipft 44 for preparations (tinctures) of deadened cultures of microorganisms, of body’s liquids, which contain exciting substances and disease products.

   Before nosodes’ manufacturing there exists a sterilization of initial substances according to the List of homeopathic medical preparations. Then checking of sterility according HDAB 10 (1991). And only after this the nosodes producing begins. So, nosodes are not injections or serums, but ordinary homeopathic preparation.

Principal positions.

Nosodes therapy can support any kind of therapy. According to Rekkeveg teaching about homotoxins, nosodes are recommended to transfer the disease from cell phase into humoral i.e. to call out regressive vicariation. Nosodes are also recommended when there is a danger of chronic disease i.e. danger of progressive vicariation.

Nosods therapy is in great interest for specialists working by Foll method (electroacupunctura by Foll) because with the help of nosods testing one can accurately choose necessary preparation.

   Nosods therapy will be the most effective by the usage of preparation testing method, clinical diagnosis in consideration of symptomatical similarity, and also amnesic-etiological similarity, in so doing it should be noticed that only good therapist and diagnost can make exact anamnesis clarification.

    If chosen nosod normalize the pathological meridian condition, so the corresponding to the given nosod disease exists. One chooses the most effective nosods. It is possible to combine nosods with preparations of classical homeopathy or Heel preparations.

Bioresonance testing.

One makes testing of
Allergens  – on dot 1 or CMP meridian’s allergy.

Conducting technology:
One takes measurements of dots condition in local diagnostic regime on allergy meridian (if it was not done earlier) by pressing, “start” key. Computer will connect allergens’ spectrums in turn. Technology of taking measurements is intermittent. Green corridor = standard. The bigger deviation the higher disturbance.

Having tested, press “Further” key and come to “Viewing” menu or “Print” to print the results.

Nosods (casette7) - technology the same as with allergens.
Microelements (cassette 12 casette9) – on dot 1 or CMP meridian LY. Green corridor = standard, any way beyond – over norm – deficit reduction – chronic deficit. The bigger deviation the higher disturbance.

Nosods gormon cassette 9 on dot 1 or CMP meridian TR Green corridor = standard, any way beyond – over norm – deficit reduction – chronic deficit. The bigger deviation the higher disturbance.

Radio nuclide (cassette 10) - on dot 1 or CMP meridian SPED. If reaction on different quantity of one and the same radio nuclide, so that is reaction on its presence in different tissues.

Vitamins () - on dot 1 or CMP meridian LY. Green corridor = standard, any way beyond – over norm – deficit reduction – chronic deficit. The bigger deviation the higher disturbance.
Radio nuclide (cassette 18) - on dot 1 or CMP meridian SPED. If reaction on different quantity of one and the same radio nuclide, so that is reaction on its presence in different tissues.
Preparations (cassette 21-further).

Vega Test.
It is used for checking the effectiveness of medical influence of one or some preparations.

Methods of conducting:
One can take measurements on interested meridian (if it wasn’t made earlier)
Necessary meridian is choosing by pressing mouse on the key.
In window “The list of preparations” one can choose a preparation from group.

If “consider the meridian in group” is marked, then suggestion of preparations will be for meridian, which is on screen only.
To see the whole list of preparations one should take off the mark.
One needs to choose examined preparations (double click of mouse on chosen preparation).

Spectrum of chosen preparation connects in moment of “test the box” key pressing.
Take the repeat measurements on dots.

If it is used the originals of preparations, they are putted in the box, as a list it is choosing “Original’s test” and the quantity of cells by quantity of tested preparations.
Test results can be looked through after pressing “stop the testing” key, and then the list of preparations №1 will appear.

Connection and disconnection of preparations is possible by editing of preparations in the box. (To delete the preparation use “Delete” key.)

 If preparations restore the condition of pathological meridians maximally close to norm (50-63 units) that can be looked through by switching on “Results”.
While switching the box’s number, see what collection or which of preparations influences better on given system.

Opening «Meridian» menu makes the choice of meridian.
Having chosen the best preparations, come back to “Testing” and write down the chosen preparations in prescription. To write down the chosen preparations in prescription one should press “Enter” key or make a double click.
Prescription window.
  After the patient’s registration in left low corner of the screen, prescription window is always in activated. To print the prescription one should press “Print” key. ”Save” key is used to save current prescription. (Having pressed “Save” key, you have saved the prescription in database, and it will disappear from screen.)
To open saved prescription one should press key and choose the necessary date from the list.
One can edit the prescription before its saving only!
To add the preparations in prescription, one should press “Preparations” key.
To choose the category of preparations, to choose the preparation (double click or press “To add the preparations” key will replace the preparation in “Chosen preparations” window.
To add the preparations into the prescription, press “OK”.
ATTENTION! Working place must satisfy all demands of electro acupuncture diagnostic and medical testing by Foll method.

One evaluates meridian condition and figures preliminary diagnosis. Computer suggests preparations. Results are reflected in form of different diagrams and graphs.
Pentagram of energy moving reflects meridians condition in form of traditional Chinese medicine concept.

Measurements’ result printing:

The choice of printed results is made by date choice and “key” mark.
Consulting conclusion.

Consulting conclusion is formed partially automatically – data of made researches, which were studied by computer are transferring into conclusion, partially by a doctor –operator on
the base of database diagnosis’s selection, additional researches, consultations and recommended preparations.

At pressing “The main disease” key, attendant diseases, additional researches, consultation of specialists will be recorded.
Press “To record in Database” key – consulting conclusion will be added to database.
Medical influence.
Laser Therapy

Micro vacuum massage.

It is possible automatic operation of micro vacuum massage complex on given methods.